Sadness and Depression

Sadness and depression show up in a variety of ways. Some people get angry and irritable while others lose energy and might have trouble getting out of bed or functioning. Regardless of how a client’s sadness or depression shows, Kathryn helps clients gain more energy, find more purpose, and overcome what is holding them back. 

Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a hard and painful experience. Counseling helps clients process how they see food and why they have trouble losing weight and how to move forward. Clients often tell Kathryn how thankful they are to have a safe space to say things they can’t always say to friends and family who may not understand what they are going through.

Stress and Anxiety

Many clients come to Kathryn feeling stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed. Whether it’s a temporary season of stress (like a move or a new position at work) or long term anxiety that’s lasted for years, Kathryn helps clients reduce their worry and better enjoy their lives.

Relationship Issues

“We are hardwired for connection” as Dr. Brene Brown has shown in her research. Unfortunately, relationships are often where we feel the most emotional pain. Kathryn helps clients heal where they have been wounded to create enjoyable, meaningful, satisfying relationships with their spouse, children, extended family, coworkers, twin flames and even strangers at the grocery store.

Body Pain and Discomfort

Treating body pain and discomfort is highly sensitive and requires a professional with specific training in how to help clients heal with out the danger of re injuring themselves.. Kathryn has extensive experience helping clients heal from pain and body discomfort from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and back injuries, sports injuries and other body issues.

Career Transition

Kathryn often helps clients struggle with their career path. Some clients have found their career path but are considering taking a new one. Other clients come to Kathryn in difficult job circumstances such as a problematic boss or pressure to stay with the family business and need help finding a way out. Kathryn helps clients sort through their strengths, weakness, and life goals to help them find a career path they love. As well as the direction to start their own business and move up the corporate ladder.

Breaking Addictions

Kathryn’s knowledge of healthy communication, secure attachment, and other psychological components helps people overcome the worries and challenges they experience and why they can’t let go of their addictions.

Other services….

Past Life Regression, Quitting Smoking/Vaping, Fitness, Overcoming Fears, Sports Performance, Business Success, Regression Therapy, Improving Health, Improving Relationships, Overcoming Sleep Issues, Working with Children, Self-Improvement, and Improving Memory/Studying.

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Personal Life Coaching

Life is 10% what happens to you. The rest is how you react to it.

It’s never too late to change the direction of your life.  It’s your choice. Will you defend and blame or own and change?

Kathryn’s direct, proactive coaching approach will guide you on a journey of exploration to transform confusion into clarity. She is dedicated to do whatever it takes to help you successfully navigate obstacles you’re going through—be it a past or present intimate relationship challenge, a life adjustment or other difficult transitions.

Kathryn will assist you to adopt new self-empowered beliefs—ones that will lead you to make authentic decisions that are right for your personal, professional and relationship goals, dreams and aspirations.

Get Going with Kathryn

Are you tired of passive counseling or simply ready to stop going in circles?  Whether you’re going through a challenging personal transition, experiencing difficulties in your love life, looking for a way to heal past relationship trauma or seeking to improve your professional life, Kathryn will customize an individualized plan for your goals and needs.

With a personalized strategy and strong doses of accountability, Kathryn will coach you to gain new awareness, change old beliefs and habits and make decisions that open the floodgates of health, happiness and harmony—both in your relationships with others and within yourself.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a free initial interview session so you can ask any questions and decide if Kathryn’s unique approach is the right fit for you.

No charge. Zero obligations. If you decide to make this important step and move forward, Kathryn will create a customized plan to begin our journey together to achieve your goals.

Common Reasons to Seek Coaching:
  1. “I feel stuck!”
  2. “I am ready to take my ____ (business, career, life pursuit) to the next level.” 
  3. “I need help staying on track and focused.”
  4. “I’m ready to do something different with my life.”
  5. “I would like accountability to make ____ happen.”
  6. “I’m not sure what I want to do.”
  7. “I need a precise plan.”
  8. “I’m ready for the next step in my life and career.”
  9. “I have this idea…”
  10. “I want to feel more fulfilled.”
  11. “I feel blocked.”
  12. “I need encouragement in order to ______.”
  13. And more…
About Coaching:
  • Coaching is Not Counseling: Unlike counseling, coaching focuses on moving forward rather than negotiating and healing past experiences or psychological traumas. Coaching assumes that the client is whole and fully capable of achieving his or her goals; he or she does not need to be “fixed.” Past experiences are, however, honored as being part of where the client is right now.
  • Coaching is More than Speaking With a Friend: A coach is highly-trained and does not provide advice. Instead, the coach supports and assists the client in moving him or herself forward through proven and studied methodologies. As an objective ally, the coach has the freedom to hold the client accountable and offer greater honesty than a friend might. In turn, the client is expected to be blunt with the coach in ways that he or she cannot usually interact with others. This honesty generates forward movement rapidly and offers the client a place to practice being his or her own advocate.
Coaching F.A.Q.s
  • How Do Sessions Work? The agenda is set by the client for each session except the first (unless otherwise decided upon together). Kathryn will ask powerful questions and tell you honestly what she is hearing you say. She will help you to dig deep within yourself and will support you as you decide how to go forward. She will then suggest progressive challenges to work on and hold you accountable for completing them if it serves you to do so.
  • Does it Work Via the Phone, Skype or Zoom? Yes! With the telephone, some clients feel more able to be fully honest and open without visual distractions. With Skype or Zoom, if we are a good fit to meet your needs, we can work from anywhere! 
  • How Long Does Coaching Last? Many clients achieve their goal plans in three sessions. Three months, however, is the ideal length of time. It depends on the topic and how eager the client is to move forward.
  • Coaching Achievements Last: Coaching asks for the client to be the source of change so that the forward movement is not dependent on the coaching relationship to continue. Clients also gain tools that they can consistently apply to their own lives. In sum, clients learn to coach themselves.

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